How to Start a Shoe Collection

How to start a shoe collection laurina machite

How to start a shoe collection. The number one question I get asked when people walk into my room is how I have so many shoes. In this post I will be talking about a couple of points you need to think about when starting your own shoe collection! Please note that I will be talking about starting a wearable shoe collection (a collection of shoes you actually plan on wearing that are not there for purposes of display or reselling).


How to start a shoe collection laurina machite

Don’t Fall for The Hype

Just because a  shoe trend is “hot and popping” at any given point in time does not mean you need to jump on the bandwagon and buy that shoe. I know all too well that this can sometimes be harder said than done but in the long run you will definitely thank yourself.


Cover Your Basic Needs

A wearable shoe collection for one person may not necessarily meet the needs of another person. You must always keep your lifestyle in mind when you go out and hunt for shoes.

If you are looking to start a shoe collection for your 09:00 – 17:00 it will most likely look different to one you wish to start for your Friday/Saturday nights out.

Think about how often you wear heels and how long you wear them at one go and this will help you determine what kind of shoes you should be hunting for.


Determine How Much You Are Willing to Spend Per Shoe

We all have different budgets that we assign towards different areas in our life. For some of us we are comfortable spending all our disposable income towards fashion and beauty every month and for others not so much.


You need to firstly determine what kind of shoe collection you are going for and from there determine how much you are willing to spend per shoe and stick to that. If you have decided you are going to spend no more than R500 per shoe then, by all means, try not to stray from that budget and don’t be easily tempted.


Quality Over Quantity

I will forever be for quality over quantity. I would encourage you to have five solid, sturdy, high-quality shoes to begin with rather than go out there and buy 10 pairs of low-quality shoes just for the sake of having a collection.

Make a list of dream shoes you want. And think about how often you will be wearing those types of shoes and go from there.


Get a Job!

I refuse for you to be a reader that has the most amazing shoe collection in the history of shoe collections but cannot afford to pay rent at the end of the month lol. Please always keep in mind that having a bomb shoe collection is really not that serious and that you should not have to sacrifice having bear necessities just for the sake of starting a shoe collection.


To find out more about how I feel about having a job to support your shoe needs, what other points to keep in mind when starting a shoe collection and video clips of some of the shoes I own please check out the video below. Please also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I appreciate all the support.

How to start a shoe collection laurina machite




  1. 29/06/2017 / 18:36

    I like your point about setting a budget and sticking to it. For shoe lovers, it’s a hard thing to do! But as you said there are greater necessities in life than shoes 🙂

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