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HEY! I am so excited to be launching my brand new website/blog. I know I said that I would be launching my blog on 24 January 2017 but heck I’ve been going insane with behind-the-blog-scenes things and I could not wait that long to show you what I have been working on.


I plan on writing a post on why I had to let go of my old blog name and start this, so stay tuned for a lonnng explanation soon, subscribe to my blog so you receive an email notification when new content comes out, I promise I won’t spam you. For now, please feel free to browse through my content. Some posts don’t have pictures because I lost them during my “migration”. But be sure to let me know if anything else is “out of wack” or if anything needs fixing (I decided to do everything myself because you know, control issues lol). Also please let me know how you like the look and feel of my new blog (like I said I did it all myself so please be kind haha). Oh and I also have a new email address, please feel free to email me anytime about anything:


I digress.


NEW content will be coming soon on this here platform. I cannot wait to share my fashion, beauty and lifestyle journey with you and write about everything I have fallen inlove with during my “blog break”. 2017 is going to be a great year for us. I have missed you.

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