Laurina Machite South African Fashion Blogger Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Now I am not about that #NewYearNewMe vibe so I’m going to just get right into today’s post. I have been beyond missing my Brightly Black family. I absolutely adore you guys but if you have liked the Brightly Black Facebook Page then you may have seen the post I made about having a terrible virus on my laptop. It has been driving me insane. If anyone knows anything about how to solve the Discovery App Ad virus and how to completely remove it from my laptop and my life then please let me know. I have managed to manually disable the web pop-ups but the virus is still lingering on my laptop.


On to the fashion! I don’t remember a whole lot of things in life (it’s quite sad actually), but I remember the day I bought this sweater. It was the last full day I had in London and I wanted to shop my heart out before flying back home. I had gone into town to buy something specific in HM but I didn’t quite get to that destination because I was drawn into Zara by it’s SALE signs (I mean who can resist SALE signs right?).


It looks a bit warm, especially with the extremely hot weather we’ve been having this summer but trust me it is anything but. It is the softest and most breathable fabric I have ever lay my hands on. I feel like a baby wrapped in a baby blanket when I put it on. No lie.


For this outfit I decided to wear it just-like-that with no top inside so that I wouldn’t get too hot. And I paired it with a pair of jogger pants in one of my absolute favorite colours right now, khaki. Now I know I already said above that I don’t do the whole #NewYearNewMe thing but I don’t think #NewYearNewColourPallet counts does it? I sure hope not.


This outfit best represents my everyday style so well. I’m extremely laid back on any ol’ regular day. A pair of leggings and a t-shirt do it for me (though as you may have noticed by now already, I also like to play a little dress up sometimes). I paired it with a simple pair of black pointy heels to keep the outfit super laid back and, well, me.

Laurina Machite South African Fashion Blogger Happy New Year

Laurina Machite South African Fashion Blogger Happy New Year

Outfit Details

Shoes: Rage

Pants: MRP

Top: Zara

Clutch Bag: Boot Sale

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  1. Anne
    14/01/2016 / 17:39

    I love this blog. You look great!!

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