REVLON Colorstay Foundation Review

REVLON Colorstay Foundation Review South Africa

Blog oh blog! How I have missed you. I am not even going to go into all the reasons why I haven’t blogged in a while. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories then you probably have a rough idea of what has been keeping me so busy and away. If you watch my stories then you also have insight on just how addicted I am to Paddle Pops, but that’s a post for another day.


REVLON oh REVLON. How my love has grown bigger and bigger for you during this year that is 2017. I don’t remember when exactly it is I started using REVLON products, but I know it has been quite a while. I have used every type of beauty product they offer, from nail polish to perfume to concealer. But one thing I am absolutely hooked on at the moment is their Colorstay Foundation.


I purchased this a while ago for my oily-combination skin and I have not looked back since. I am absolutely hooked on the stuff. This foundation may put me out of beauty-blogger-business because I honestly never want to try another foundation again lol. And I am pretty sure you are not willing to read about the same foundation over and over again.


I could write about this foundation all-day-everyday no problem. Which in itself is a problem. So just to make this an easy read and better to understand I will be splitting this review up into different categories are feel like will help you get a better understanding on just how great this foundation is.



Alright, so this may get you asking yourself “uhmm, girl?” but just keep reading and you will understand. Maybe it’s the control-freak or the- I want to save every bit I can -person in me. But there is something I absolutely love about beauty products that come with a pump.


The new Colorstay Foundation features a nifty pump that the old Colorstay Foundation I used to use did not have and I feel like that makes putting it on an absolute breeze. You do not have to worry about accidentally pumping too much foundation at one go onto your hand. And once you’ve figured out that you need (for example) two pumps of foundation for medium coverage and three for full coverage then you know the exact amount of foundation you need each and everytime you use it.


It also prevents you from having to scoop foundation back into the bottle if you accidentally put too much on the back of your hand because you have no way of measuring what’s coming out of the non-pump bottle. This may all seem so insignificant to you but I am honestly super happy about this. Probably a little happier than I should be lol.



For some odd reason, lots of people think I get lots of beauty blogger stuff for free and all I do is review things. That is wrong. I actually go out there and buy a whole lot of the products I show you on SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel, so price? I look and pay a lottt of attention to the prices of all products just like you do. For a mere R299 you can get your skin looking like a million bucks honey! For the amount of coverage, it’s lasting effect and for the size of the bottle, I would say this is a steal.


But wait there’s more…

REVLON Colorstay Foundation Review South Africa

REVLON Colorstay Foundation Review South Africa

So, I uploaded a video on this foundation and did a full review on this foundation. From the number of shades the foundation is available in, the matte-effect, oxidization of the foundation and more!


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