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Laurina Machite South African Fashion Blogger Hot to Shop Like A Pro

It’s exhaustingly frustrating isn’t it? Waking up in the morning, in a rush, and figuring out that yet again you cannot find anything to wear in the sea of unworn clothes you purchased not too long ago.

It happens to all of us, we all find ourselves shopping ‘till our feet are numb, getting home and unpacking all those beautiful items of clothing and accessories that always make you feel like you have got to have them the very second you see them in the store. But that feeling doesn’t always seem to last does it?


This may be because you are shopping completely wrong, but don’t fret!  Below are five simple tips that will guarantee that your shopping sprees will never go to waste again and that rather than seeing a closet full of tags when you open your closet, you will see a closet full of endless possibilities:

1.    Know/Pick Your Style
The number one mistake we make when shopping? We let what we see in stores decide what we should wear for us. The only way to prevent this from happening (and prevent you from buying clothes you will never wear again other than that one time in the store’s changing room) is to know your style and stick to it.


Now I’m not saying don’t be adventurous every once in a while. But going shopping with an already set idea of what you want to get will prevent you from easily getting swayed or side tracked. So whether it be deciding you will only be going shopping for nude colours, skinny jeans or clothing with peplum detail, knowing what you want before you see it will help prevent you from buying everything else you don’t want or need.


2.    Be Inspired, But Not Too Inspired

Laurina Machite South African Fashion Blogger Hot to Shop Like A Pro


Inspiration is fantastic. The world just wouldn’t be what it is without it. But sometimes it can be a bit of problem. Now I’m sure at some point in time we’ve all felt inspired by the fictional Olivia Pope. But going out and buying a fitted pair of cigarette pants and a formal coat just because you’ve seen Olivia Pope wearing them on tv when you know full well that the rest of your closet is filled with t-shirts and flip flops doesn’t seem sensible does it?


Allow yourself to be inspired by the world and people around you but don’t let it rule your shopping decisions. Buy something you were inspired to buy by someone only if it will fit into your already existent style and if it will be easily incorporated with majority of what you already have laying in your closet.



3.    More Money More Problems

Laurina Machite South African Fashion Blogger Hot to Shop Like A Pro
This is an important one. Don’t go shopping with too much money on hand! We are all human, and we have all at some point in time bought something we hadn’t planned on buying (see point 1) or don’t really ever see ourselves wearing (see point 2).


A simple way to solve this problem is to go shopping with as little and as much money as possible (think about it, it makes sense). Create a rough budget of how much you are willing to spend in a single shopping spree (you don’t even have to write it down, just off the top of your head) and stick to it. Once you’ve spent that budget, have the will power to walk away from those tempting SALE signs and shiny accessories. Stay strong!


4.    A Friend in Need

Laurina Machite South African Fashion Blogger Hot to Shop Like A Pro
Bring a trusted friend or family member with you during your shopping sprees. Not only will it be great fun, but it’s easier to shop for what you want when you have someone asking you ten times whether you’re sure about buying something and also giving you their opinion.

Make sure it’s not one of your overly opinionated buddies though. Bring with you someone whose opinion you value but will also allow you to make your own decision.


5.    If You Love Someone Let Them Go
Yeah, that’s right! Sometimes the greatest way to truly see whether you want something is to leave it right there in the store. How does that saying go? If you love someone let them go… yes? Though in this case you’ll have to go all the way back to the store or mall to retrieve your beloved clothing item or accessory. But that (most times) will mean you like what you would have seen enough to eventually go back and buy it.
This method helps ensure you’re not buying something for the spur of the moment.


So there you have it. Five easy steps to help you shop like a pro! Stick to these steps and pretty soon you’ll have no more of those I-have-nothing-to-wear moments. Also, following these steps may eventually lead to you narrowing down or even building a signature, fashion forward personal style. Now, go out there and shop your heart out!

What are some shopping tips and tricks you swear by?

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