HAIR | The Real Reason Why I Cut My Hair and Went With The Big Chop

Laurina Machite Fashion Beauty Fashion Blogger The Real Reason Why I Cut My Hair

I cut my hair and went natural. Why? That was the number one question I got from my friends and my family when I walked up to them with a head full of, well, no hair! I was more surprised about the fact that they were surprised about me cutting my hair more than they were about cutting my hair (what a mouthful). What I am trying to say is, I change my hairstyle and cut my hair so often, I don’t see how anybody could be surprised at this point. Well, here’s the real reason I cut my hair and went with the big chop.


Unlike all the other times I have cut my hair, this time around I took a lot of time thinking about whether I would actually do it or not. I had been struggling with my hair for a long time before I decided that “the big chop” was the way forward.

I was more concerned about the fact that I didn’t just go through with cutting my hair like I had always done than what I would look like with short hair or whatever. I had never been concerned with what I would look like with short hair because I have always been very confident in the fact that I am not my hair.

But with the pressure to have “good hair” (whatever on earth that is) being ever so present these days I found questioning whether I would love my natural hair as much as I always had in the past.

Laurina Machite Fashion Beauty Fashion Blogger The Real Reason Why I Cut My Hair


It was (sadly) a hard decision to make to cut my hair but by the time I walked into the barber the day of, I knew I was making the right decision. So, why did I cut my hair you may still be asking? Well the straight forward answer to that is that you can’t buy hairlines you guys, I’ve said this before and I will way it again. Though in the world we live in today you can pretty much buy anything lol.


Laurina Machite Fashion Beauty Fashion Blogger The Real Reason Why I Cut My Hair

All jokes aside. My hairline took a major toll when I got my very first weave for my cousin’s wedding last year. I had never gotten a weave before and I was nervous about the whole thing. If I had it my way I would have opted out. But what the bride wants the bride gets, so I got the weave. And my hairline said bye-bye! I had it for less than a month you guys, but my hairline clearly doesn’t care about time so much as it does about being tampered with.


I managed to “save” my hairline and took very good care of my hairline from the time I got my first weave (around Easter) till around November of last year. Everything “went South” in November of last year. I was in my last year of varsity and exam time was up. I have a hard time dealing with stress sometimes and it usually shows in my hair. I shed so much hair approaching November it was not even funny.


I couldn’t tie my hair up and create full, luscious, beautiful, round top buns with ease like I previously could. My hair had thinned out and it was looking sadder than ever. It didn’t help that I generally do not care for my hair as much as most women might. I never really used to pay much attention to it because it was always so full, bouncy and healthy all my life without much effort. But this time around I was seeing flames.

Laurina Machite Fashion Beauty Fashion Blogger The Real Reason Why I Cut My Hair

So I did what any confused, no-better-knowing citizen of the hair world would do. I braided it. Worst idea! The strain I put on my hair in the effort of covering it up instead of dealing with it and actually taking care of it was the last stroll.


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The hairstyle I had in my previous two posts (view them here and here and here) was ultimately the reason I decided it was time for my hair to go. As absolutely gorgeous as that hairstyle is, it is not for people like me (at that time) who were struggling with hair problems. That hairstyle requires a lot of pulling and strains your hair to the max.

Laurina Machite Fashion Beauty Fashion Blogger The Real Reason Why I Cut My Hair

By the time I took my two braids out I knew it was time. It didn’t help that when I was removing my braids I accidentally cut off a chunk of my hair in the process.  It was time for my withering, flat, shedding, chemically ruined hair to hit the road. But as I stated before it was still a tough decision. I had cut my hair before just for the sake of it, just because I wanted it to go, and it was easier than me having to cut it because I knew it was the best thing for my thinning hair and my cant-be-bought-hairline.


But I DID IT! I chopped it off. Not all of it of course, just short enough for all the chemically treated hair to be rid of, but long enough for me to feel comfortable to walk around with. I have to say, this has to be one of the best decisions I have made this year. My hair is healthier than ever, it is growing at the speed of lightning (okay, maybe at the speed of a really fast tortoise) with minimal effort and it feels healthier than ever.


I encourage all of us to embrace our natural, God given, beautiful, thick textures! (Especially when you are struggling with your hair like I was). Because of my new found texture, I will be adding a brand new category to my blog, the Natural Hair Care category to help all of us that are currently trying to deal with and manage our natural textures get through any day-to-day struggles we may have.


I have been using quite a few natural hair products that I am already super impressed with and will be doing some reviews on those. I am however, (yet again) new to the natural hair life and would appreciate any hints and tips any naturalistas reading this have for me. We can do this, together!

Laurina Machite Fashion Beauty Fashion Blogger The Real Reason Why I Cut My Hair

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  1. Princess Ofee
    26/05/2016 / 07:37

    Love the new look! It really suits you. I have been natural for a while now and I found that shea butter has made my journey 100 times easier… try it, they sell it…

  2. Miriam Maulana
    26/05/2016 / 07:32

    I don’t know about most people but I find my natural hair doesn’t retain moisture. It dries up which was difficult for me when I first started. When you wash your hair I say go for a co-wash as opposed to proper shampoo washing. have a schedule for your hair just like for skincare and finally trying using oils and hair masks/wraps to nourish it. our might not be as kinky and hard-mashona as mine so who knows you might have to do less to keep it healthy.

    • Princess Ofee
      26/05/2016 / 07:37

      Have you tried shea butter to seal in the moisture?

      • Miriam Maulana
        26/05/2016 / 07:52

        No I hadn’t, I’ve been using coconut oil because I couldn’t find sheer butter in stores and I think you need the legit one for it to work and the products that contain it. Thank you for sharing the link Ofee.

        • Princess Ofee
          26/05/2016 / 08:11

          It’s a pleasure Miriam, that Shea butter literally changed the game for me hey.

    • 26/05/2016 / 10:48

      Lol at hard mashona type. I have a problem with my hair texture actually, being mixed (lol) I have different types of hair on different parts of my head, which makes finding the right products a mission. I will be writing a post on that though (hair types etc).

      But thanks babe. Will definitely start using more oils and masks… I am SO into co-washing already though. I find that shampoos to indeed dry my hair out, can’t stand it!

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