Afri-Berry Products Review

Afri-Berry Products ReviewAfri-Berry Products Revie

I was sent a couple of Afriberry products a while ago and my schedule has been sooooo hectic I have not had time to sit down and write all about them. Well today is the day!


Afri-Berry Moroccan Gold Argan Oil

According to the company’s claims this Moroccan Gold Argan Oil is good for clearing up stretch marks, scars, dark spots, acne and dry skin. I used it on my skin and found that it left it feeling smooth without that “overly oily” feeling you get when using oil-based products (of course). I also found it to be a good makeup remover and not too heavy.


Moroccan Gold SPF 40

Listen, do I even need to get into the benefits of using sunscreen on my blog? I love how incredibly high the SPF in this product is. It does not leave you with that white residue that other sunscreens leave you with but I would steer clear of using too much on your face if you are going to be putting makeup on top of it because it can cause the makeup to slip and slide a little bit.


Moroccan Gold Black Soap

Now this product was good enough to make it onto my Instagram feed so you know it’s pretty good. It’s organic, contains omega 3, 6 and 9 and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean without that stripped feeling (because, hello, who wants that?). LOVE!


East African Raw Shea Butter

Everyone and their mothers is going on about Shea Butter at the moment and for good reason. I used this a couple of times as an overnight face butter and said hello to smoother feeling skin in no time. Afriberry claims that it is also good for itchy skin, wrinkles, skin regeneration, insect bites, and as an anti–inflammatory. Have you found this to eb the case when using shea butter? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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