Attending the Jason Kieck Desert Nights Charity Couture and Entertainment Gala Dinner

Jason Kieck Designs Desert Nights - Jason Kieck

I had the privilege of being invited to the Jason Kieck Desert Nights Charity Couture and Gala Dinner on the 28th of September (see previous blog post) and OMG! I honestly cannot tell you what I was expecting exactly, but it surely wasn’t what I experienced.


I haven’t had such a memorable night in a long time, and I honestly needed it. All I knew about the night was that money was going to be raised for charity and a good time was going to be had while doing so. And boy oh boy was a good time had!


The event was held at The Boardwalk Hotel and the ambience was amazing from the moment you arrived. From the music to the decor to the food, everything was on point! Another thing that was on point (if I do say so myself) was my dress!!!! I mentioned in my previous post how Jason Kieck gave me free rein to his showroom and allowed me to pick a one-of-a-kind design to wear to the Gala, and here it is!

Jason Kieck Designs Desert Nights outfit for the night

How amazing? I would personally never pick something like this out for myself. For no other reason other than my fashion choices are boring! But as soon as I tried it on I just knew it was the one. I love the fact that it is figure-hugging and flared out at the same time. I mean, where have you ever seen that?


I felt so confident in my dress and the compliments throughout the night floated me all the way to cloud 10. Wearing a figure-hugging dress definitely did not stop me from shying away from eating all that I could though *hides face*. I mean how could I say no? The food looked (and tasted equally) amazing!

Jason Kieck Designs Desert Nights Boardwalk Hotel Table Design

Jason Kieck Designs Desert Nights Boardwalk Hotel food

The starter was springbok carpaccio with pistachio-crusted goat’s cheese, pickled beetroot, roasted beetroot puree, topped with wild rocket and parmesan cheese. For mains we had charred chicken supreme rubbed with dukkah spice served with cumin carrot puree, baby vegetables and red wine rosemary jus. Dessert was dragon fruit infused cheesecake, hazelnut praline, dried french meringue and rosewater ice cream.

Jason Kieck Designs Desert Nights gowns 2 Jason Kieck Designs Desert Nights gowns 3

I was thoroughly entertained throughout the night and excited to see what Jason had in store for us with his collection. I was not at all disappointed. Kieck showcased 40 designer garments under the desert nights theme. The evening gowns had three themes: the reflecting of sand and sea reflecting the importance of protecting the oceans; the desert rose, a reference to how beauty can flourish in harsh conditions; and midnight oasis, showing how precious water is for the planet.

Jason Kieck Designs Desert Nights entertainment 1 Jason Kieck Designs Desert Nights entertainment 2

I had the most amazing and unforgettable night. More than anything, I am happy to announce that Jason Kieck Designs made over R400k for the Igazi Foundation. And that’s just in PE alone, there is a Pretoria event happening on the 24th of October and I would highly suggest you attend. To see how my night went feel free to visit my stories highlight on Instagram here (under the “charity” tab).


A giant thank you and congratulations to Jason Kieck Designs for pulling off such a successful evening.


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