Beauty Trends That Need to Stay in 2016

beauty trends that need to stay in 2016 laurina machite layers challenge

2016 has truly been something else. Never in the history of years has a year been so good yet so tragically bad! When it was good it was good, but when it was bad? Oh boy. Below are a list of beauty trends that should definitely stay with other bad things that happened in 2016.


Furry Nails

beauty trends that need to stay in 2016 laurina machite

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I mean just why guys? Why? Could there be anything more unhygienic? I really don’t think I need to explain this one.



beauty trends that need to stay in 2016 laurina machite layers challenge

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2016 saw the rise of the most ridiculous YouTube tag I have ever seen. The 100 layers challenge is basically where YouTubers put on 100 layers of anything from foundation, false eyelashes and even nailpolish. No, just no. On top of this being a complete waste of products I simply just don’t get the point.




Ear Makeup

Ear makeup. Yep, that’s a thing. An actual real life thing. Like many other beauty and fashion trends this one all started from the catwalk and I personally think that it should stay there.


Plant Nails

I have no idea what has been happening with nail trends this year but this needs to stop. I mean the caption says it all. Even the people that have participated in this ridiculousness give it a thumbs down. Cute indeed though, but please let us not carry this over into 2017!


Using Art Supplies as Makeup

On top of this being very bad for your skin, do you really need any other reason as to why this should stay in 2016?


Substituting Beauty Products With Food

I am a foodie, which means I absolutely respect food with all my being. So seeing people use food products as/for makeup, using Cheetos as rollers and using food to substitute anything affects me (lol talk about being dramatic). Please, put the food down.


Hair Graffiti

Honestly? Super cute. But this trend has been overkill now and needs to maybe take a seat in 2016 and just not get up, you know?


Spray on Nailpolish

beauty trends that need to stay in 2016 laurina machite layers challenge

This trend arose in order to make putting on nail polish easier (because you know, all that maths). I just don’t get it. If the aim is to make it easier to put my nail polish then making me have to vigorously wash off my “spray on” after doing my nails kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? Maybe I’m missing something. Please educate me in the comments section below.


Crystal Lips

I mean the practicality! Unless you’re doing a pretty-stone-inspired makeup look that will never get to see the actual light of day then I really feel that we should leave this trend behind. And while we are on the subject of lips, overlining lips should also please stay in the year that is 2016!

What other beauty trends do you feel should be added to this list? Are there any here that you feel should continue to flourish in 2017? Comment below!

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