Darling Gives a Special Woman a Big Thank You

A couple of months ago Darling asked its fans to nominate women that had made a difference in their lives and always put the needs of others before their own. They wanted to give a special fan a chance to give that incredible woman in their life a BIG THANK YOU! They were touched by a young lady by the name of Palesa’s story and wanted to help her give her mother Emily a big thank you for everything she had sacrificed for their family.


Darling helped Palesa give her mother that much deserved Big Thank you and filmed the entire thing. Watch the touching video below:

I too, like Palesa, would love to give my own mother a special, well deserved and BIG thank you! My mother is an absolute gem. Without her, I would not be anywhere near where I am in life (literally and figuratively). Women sacrifice a lot every day, all around the world so that those they love around them can have a brighter and better future and my mother is no exception.


My mother is the strongest, most compassionate woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is the feistiest, and most loving person alive. The first to lend a hand to anyone who needs it and always manages to find joy in every single moment of her day. Her positive spirit and her “this too shall pass” attitude always manages to get everyone around her back on track when they lose perspective and need to get back on a positive track. I have been influenced and continue to be inspired on a daily basis by her love, her never ending drive and her quest for a better tomorrow.


My mother’s life hasn’t always been easy but she has always had an extraordinary way of making things seem like they are alright and will be okay (which they always end up being/becoming). There is no one on this planet earth that has more faith in me, loves me, or believes in me more than my mother.


She may only have four biological children but she is a mother and a guiding light to so many. Her faith and prayers have the power to move mountains and shape lives. She is the greatest cheerleader any friend, child, husband, sibling and even parent could ever ask for and knows how to push you to reach for the stars and achieve your dreams. Mom, THANK YOU!



  1. 17/08/2017 / 12:27

    it’s such a touching story and I believe many of us women have that one or two woman who played and still plays a huge role in our lives. for example, My mom had to work two jobs to get us to where we are now and to tell a bit about her, this is her story and this is how it all started: I grew up in a small rural village outside of Pietermaritzburg called Impendle. My dad was in a taxi industry and when he got shot three months after my mum gave birth to myself and my twin sister. We were left without a father’s love; my mum was left behind with five (5) Kids and without a husband. When my dad died, my mum and dad were both in their twenties and twenty-four years later my mum still able to blush when you mention my Father’s name. she is still a widow and never been with another man. When we ask her why she did not date or get married again, this is her response “It has always been your dad, he was my first and my last”.

    Powerful hey! and she will say it with a smile on her face. It was hard to hear all the stories about how much of a noble man my dad was, how he was full of life, full of jokes and fun being around. He was full of energy, beautiful smile, kind and loving to all people but most especially to older people. my mum would say ” While everyone is drinking alcohol and smoking weed or cigarette, your dad would be drinking his Coca Cola and telling his funny stories to everyone” He was that man, that respectful man that every older people would rather be in his taxi than to any other taxi driver. and I guess he was brutally killed out of jealous. basically, he was eliminated from this world for being whom God created to be, being a noble, loving and kind man. My mum made us believe that God exists and that he loves us. But I had my if’s and but’s. I had my days with him where I would blame him for taking my father from my mum and his children’s. I would hate the mentioning of his name for making things hard for us.

    Most of my life I knew that he is a God who “claims to love, protect and provide for his people”. I knew the verse that says “God loved the world so much that he gave his only son to die for us so that our sins will be cleansed and be free from sin”. But I thought to myself, did he loved us when he took my dad from his three (3) months old twins – from when he took a young man from his young lady wife. I would ask him “How come you say you love us yet you took one person who could have changed our standard of living, taken us to better schools, live a better life and have a relationship with both our parents. in tears, I will say “You took it all away from us and for that, I will not believe in you”

    I thought to myself, WOW this must be such a fool God we put our trust in. but little did I know that my mom still had so much FAITH in the very same God who stole her husband from her and the very same God who made her dreams disappears.

    My mum is a perfect example of God loving woman, a woman who stands for what she believes in and a woman who stands by her grounds. if it wasn’t for her faith in God so many things would not have been a success in my life and my sibling’s lives.

    She is my Dad, my Friend and my pillar of strength. I Thank her for listening to my never ending stories, thank her for not giving up on me when I feel hopeless and thank you for never complaining but always giving us the little that she has. and this is my message to her: I am proud to call myself your daughter. A daughter of a widow who lost her love of her life 24 years ago and still hasn’t been with another man.

    A daughter of the strongest woman I’ve EVER come across. A daughter of a beautiful, selfless and woman of prayer 🙂

    I tell you, Mama, God will shine the light upon you one day and it is not far – You just need to be a little patient.

    Ngiyakuthanda Mama.
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    • 18/08/2017 / 00:48

      Aww that is so beautiful Neli!!! Your mom sounds like such an amazing woman (and your father and incredible man). Your mother’s faith has brought you so far and I trust it will take you even further in life. There is nothing stronger than a mother’s love and a mother’s prayer! … Your story is heartwarming and shows that there is always light at the end of the tunnel <3 your and your siblings are truly blessed.

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