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Laurina Machite South African Fashion Blogger Shade of Grey

I’m pretty sure that if you follow my blog and read my posts regularly that you may just be a little beyond sick of hearing me talk about how much I love this Woolworths dresses by now. But I really do. There is just something about the way they are constructed and the fabric the designers choose for specific types of dresses that just absolutely blows my mind. They are always just, perfect!

I purchased this dress over two years ago and it still looks fresh and brand new. Just like it looked and felt the very first day I bought it. I took these pictures a while back and decided to do a mini #ThrowbackThursday (on a beautiful Wednesday) personal style post for this week just because I absolutely love this outfit that much.


I wanted to keep this entire look super panache, pretty and ageless. Very simple accessories, hair and makeup and let the dress speak for itself. The dark grey/charcoal colour was what first drew me to even wanting to try the dress on. I mean, it’s just one shade away from being Brightly Black in my opinion. Amazing!


I didn’t have as big a collection of shoes to choose from when I was constructing this outfit as I do now so I immediately ran to my go-with-everything one-strap Zara heels that I will love ‘til forever! One-strap heels are a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe and should definitely be on your next shopping list next time you go fashion shopping (see the article I wrote about how to shop like a pro and the advantages of making a shopping list here). I didn’t want to take attention away from the dress so even if I’d had an entire Loubotin store to pick a pair of shoes for this outfit from I would have picked the same option (okay I lie, but I would have definitely chosen something similar).


It was relatively cool weather-wise when I wore this outfit and I had a mad-crazy obsession with anything animal print so I decided to pair my plain dress with a leopard print blazer I got from Queenspark. The little “holes” on the side of the dress make this an ideal dress for those transition seasons when the weather is erratic and super confusing. The long sleeve arms are good for cooler weather while the little holes provide for ventilation if the weather were to turn warm. Thank you to Woolworths for this absolutely fabulous design.

Laurina Machite South African Fashion Blogger Shade of Grey

Laurina Machite South African Fashion Blogger Shade of Grey

What is your favourite dress store and designs?

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