Superbalist Black Friday Wishlist

At this rate, I should just start doing monthly Superbalist wishlist posts on my blog because wow, your girl stays adding new items! As the title of this post suggests, I am already preparing for Black Friday, don’t give me that frown from the other side of the screen, I am not ashamed. It falls on November 29 this year and the key to proper Black Friday shopping is planning, planning, planning.


Wishlists are probably the safest ways to ensure you don’t overspend come Black Friday because you already have an idea of what you want to buy and won’t get swayed by all the inevitable sale signs you will be seeing on the day. I’d also suggest you download as many shopping apps as you can so that you (firstly) don’t have to remember website names, login details etc, and (secondly) your wishlists will be right in the palm of your hand ready for the go-ahead come midnight, do not forget to set that alarm! Superbalist’s app is easy to download and super easy to use (which would explain my “add-to-wishlist” addiction) so I’d highly suggest it.


Waldo Floor Lamp – Matte Black

Superbalist Black Friday Wishlist

Now I know what you are thinking! Since when did Superbalist start selling furniture? Girl, since forever! I have been eyeing this floor lamp since I moved into my new place. It would pull everything together so effortlessly. How chic? Agh, I can’t even deal. I love it, love it. If there is anything I am crossing my fingers and toes will be on sale this Black Friday it would have to be this baby.


Sneakerlab Premium Kit

Superbalist Black Friday Wishlist

I have been such a sneakerhead lately. And by that I mean I’ve just bought one or two sneakers, so please feel free to deny my dramatic-self the title just yet. I have, however, been super pedantic about how my sneakers look. I purchased the Sneakerlab Odor Protector a couple of months ago and loved it. This kit includes sneaker cleaner and protector, odour protector and premium brush. A wannabe sneakerhead’s dream kit!


 Sunglass Case

Superbalist Black Friday Wishlist

Honestly, the only reason I buy cheap sunglasses is because I have a habit of not being able to take care of them properly. I am trying to be a better person in life and working on changing that habit. Summer is literally here and I want to be rocking my sunglasses knowing that I have a safe place to put them after the sun has set.


Grey Sneakers

Superbalist Black Friday Wishlist

There’s just something about a grey pair of sneakers! picture me wearing this with my favourite shorts (you know them, they are literally the only ones I ever wear, and I’ve blogged about them before lol), and a simple t-shirt. There’s no going wrong with such a combo. My sneaker obsession is not going anywhere anytime soon.


Friends Logo Tshirt

Speaking of t-shirts! I have been seeing this t-shirt on social media and I’d been wondering where people were buying it. Well, now we all know! I used to be so anti-logo-t’s but they’ve been growing on me lately. What better way to enter the logo-t-trend than with a F.R.I.E.N.D.S shirt right out? Superbalist has so many cute t-shirts on offer on their website. Check them  out: Buy Now


If you’d like to find out more about Black Friday head on over to the Superbalist Black Friday page here.


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