Top Five Items on My Superbalist Winter Wishlist

One of the coolest stores on planet earth, Superbalist, has some amazing options to choose from for the winter season. I love “virtual shopping” and I am constantly adding things to my wishlist that I (most of the time) never end up buying. When Superbalist asked me to compile a list of my top 5 wishlist items I HAD to jump on the opportunity and do some virtual shopping and planning.


Frill Sleeve Dress

Superbalist Frill Sleeve Dress Closeup Superbalist Frill Sleeve Dress Closeup

First up is this frill sleeve black dress. I know what you’re thinking!! “Errrrm, girl, where on earth are you wearing that in WINTER without freezing your brain cells off..?”. Let me explain; I LOVE turning summer-like clothing into winter-friendly wear (and also, I hate the idea of buying something for a particular season and not being able to wear it ever again). I’d pair this LBD with a pair of stockings and sneakers and voila! Winter-friendly.


Ruched Sleeve Blazer

Superbalist Sleeve Blazer Closeup Superbalist Sleeve Blazer Closeup

Next on the list is this ruched sleeve black blazer. I fell inlove with this blazer as soon as I saw it on the site because the extttremely low collar and the ruch detail on the sleeves give it the ability to be worn on more casual occasions (and you already know I LOVE pieces that can be worn over and over under various circumstances).


Lottie True Kint Dress

Superbalist Lottie True Knit Dress Closeup Superbalist Lottie True Knit Dress Closeup

This Lottie True knit dress is EVERYTHING! I love the pattern, length and most importantly the fact that it looks super warm. From the pictures, the dress looks like it’s made from that extra thick type of knitting so you’re guaranteed to feel warm even if this is the only thing you’re throwing on.


Fit and Flare Coat

Superbalist Fit and Flare Burgundy Coat Closeup Superbalist Fit and Flare Burgundy Coat Closeup

Is it even winter time if you don’t have a closet filled with beautiful and elegant coats? Let me answer that for you; no, no it is not! I LOVE the look of this coat. It gives me London-chic vibes and the colour is bomb. I have coats in every colour of the rainbow at this point but burgundy is (surprisingly) something I haven’t quite gotten around to purchasing and this would be the perfect addition.


Coats and sexy don’t usually go together but the cinch-detail of this coat make that happen. The fit allows you to feel warm and still be able to show off your curves at the same time. LOVE IT!


Textile Sock Ankle Boot

Superbalist Textile Sock Ankle Boot Closeup Superbalist Textile Sock Ankle Boot Closeup

Nothing says winter more than a classic boot and what is more classic than a pointed ankle boot? The shoe-sock trend is probably the best shoe trend to ever hit the fashion streets and I am loving it. “Sock shoes” as they are commonly referred to as, are shoes that typically have knit upper and a sole. The trend started with the $700 Balenciaga sock sneaker and I don’t know about you but $700 (+- R10 000) is a LOT of money for a pair of shoes. Why not join the trend by getting these super affordable sock heels that will have you looking chic and trendy without breaking the bank, right?


Superbalist has more affordable women’s boots on offer this season. Girl, head on over to their website and don’t say I never tell you the tea!!! Visit the Superbalist boots for women category here!



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