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Laurina Machite South African Fashion Blogger Utilitarian Trend

Utilitarian: designed to be practical rather than attractive (Oxford Dictionary). The utilitarian trend has hit the streets and boy is it hard to resist. As Oxford dictionary so simply puts it, the utilitarian fashion trend is designed to provide women with practical, versatile and functional clothing. The designers have also made sure their clothes are attractive, eye-striking and alluring though, so not to worry. The utilitarian trend is signified by a military or safari feel, multiple pockets, arbitrary zippers, large bulky straps and buckles are here and I sure hope they are here to stay!

Laurina Machite South African Fashion Blogger Utilitarian Trend

Until recently, having multiple over-sized pockets on the front of jackets and coats was boarder-line absurd, but thanks to this military/safari trend the absurdness is a thing of the past. Designers are taking this trend to the next level and I are more than enamoured.

The easiest way to rock the utilitarian trend without walking around looking like an evergreen tree or looking like you actually are in the army (which is not a bad thing) is to choose one utilitarian piece and work around that. With a plethora of utilitarian clothing to choose from these days however, this shouldn’t be too hard at all.



Laurina Machite South African Fashion Blogger Utilitarian Trend

Khaki green is the most prevalent colour to choose from when it comes to this trend. So if cargo pockets, visible shirt pockets, tab sleeves or brass buttons are not your thing you could always just incorporate military colours into your closet and work with that instead.



Laurina Machite South African Fashion Blogger Utilitarian Trend

This trend may at times come off as being a little masculine at times. If you are going for theandrogynous look (which is also currently trending) this is a fantastic trend for you. However, if you’re looking to rock the trend but still keep that feminine feel just pick whichever statement piece of clothing you wish and work around it. The easiest way to do this would be to top your outfit off with a classic stiletto, sexy strappy heels and even soft feminine jewellery.


Do’s and Dont’s

Style and individual flare is essential in the world of fashion; no one wants to walk around looking like everybody else. However, like all other trends there are some do’s and don’ts that one may (or may not) follow in order to ensure that they do not walk around looking peculiar or perplexing. Below is a list of guidelines that can be followed in order to ensure that you utilize this utilitarian trend to your best advantage and ensure that you make the streets your runway and walk around looking nothing but A-list:




Laurina Machite South African Fashion Blogger Utilitarian Trend

  • Layer: layering is one of the central ideas in achieving this trend. Layer under a military-styled coat with cargo pockets for a maximal effect.
  • Add a shot of colour: the military colour scheme may at times seem a bit bland and rather dull on its own. Do not be afraid to add a pop of colour to brighten up your outfit a little bit.
  • Cinch it in: as mentioned above the trend may at times seem masculine. One way in which to make your look a bit more feminine is to cinch your waist a simple belt and accentuate your feminine  figure.



  • Overdo it: as mentioned above, choose a key piece and work around it. Most women are opting for the military styled jacket this season paired with a simply pair of jeans, I recommend the same.
  • Over accessories: the utilitarian trend in itself can be overwhelming. From the cargo pockets to brass buttons the pieces of clothing themselves already command attention. Keep the accessories as minimal and austere as possible.


Hopefully the above hints and tips make it un-problematic to follow this simple, adaptable and multipurpose trend. Do not forget to add your own extra personal dash to it and get trending!

What are some of the trends you are totally  loving right now?

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